Private Sessions

Are you new to yoga or have questions about your alignment or various poses that you’d like to have answered? Do you feel like you need a bit of support and encouragement that you aren’t always able to access within a group class setting?

This is where private yoga comes in. Within the context of a private yoga session, you are able to ask the types of questions that will enable you to reach your desired outcomes and goals – both on and off the mat.

Beginning with a series of questions to better understand your specific needs and goals, each session is tailored to help you find the union you seek. imgresThis could include strategies to obtain better sleep, lose weight, manage stress, age gracefully, or even perfect a particular asana.

Once a goal has been identified, each program is focused on working towards that goal using self-care, asana, and mindfulness as the vehicles of transformation. Through these avenues, one acquires the tools and means to better understand and implement what s/he needs to thrive and live fully!


To set up a session, or schedule a consultation, contact Jessica at or 720-507-6502. If you need a bit of a push, check out the testimonials page to hear what others have had to say.