Seedlings is a ten-week course that takes a deep dive into some of the philosophical underpinnings of the practice of yoga. This focus creates the opportunity to gain a better sense of awareness and mastery over the mind, the body, and senses – both on and off the mat.

Within a small group setting, each person will be asked to examine the week’s contemplation through asana, journaling, discussion, meditation, and shared ritual. Afterwards, everyone will be charged with a specific task that will enable him/her to experiment with these principals in everyday interactions.

Held: July 20, 2020 – September 23, 2020.

Deadline to register: Friday, July 3, 2020.

To learn more, register, or to make sure this program is a good fit, please reach out to Jessica (

Challenge by Choice

Do you want to grow as a human being? Do you want to see where you really stand when push comes to shove? If so, Challenge By Choice might be the program for you.

me doing the challenge course

This weeklong workshop, co-facilitated by Theresa Morris and Caryn Bresciani, will give you the opportunity to meet yourself as you are – on and off the mat – in this moment. By choosing to take on the challenges presented in this workshop, you will take one step towards freeing yourself from whatever self-imposed beliefs you have and thus be a better able to show up as a teacher, parent, leader, or facilitator.

Initially held: May 29 – June 4, 2018 8am- 5pm

Location: Cherry Creek High School Challenge Course

Propage makes perfect: How to use props to modify or deepen your yoga practice.

Have you wanted to try yoga, but have low back pain and are worried about hurting yourself? Have you been in a class as other people effortlessly practiced backbends and wanted to try one for yourself? If so this may be the workshop for you.

In Propage Makes Perfect, we will use a variety of props to prepare the body to safely approach some basic backbends. The goal of this one and a half hour workshop is to empower you to be able to modify, or deepen, your practice when in a public class setting.

Initially scheduled: June 10, 2018 from 12:00- 1:30 pm

Location: Pilates Collective Denver

Align and Refine

Have you ever been in a pose and wondered, “Is this how I should be working?” Are you experiencing pain in certain poses, and unsure why? Do you wish you could spend more time breaking down a certain pose, or have a desire to dive deeper into the alignment of your individual body?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time for a tune-up. Over a four-week period, Jessica Herring will help you  explore and define the ideal alignment for your body. The focus will be to inform you how to adjust to cues that are typically called out in a public class.

Each week you’ll work in small groups to break down different categories of asana, acting like a scientist as you investigate your body within the alignment of each pose. You’ll use props, camera phones, and good old-fashioned pen and paper to note your observations and revelations. You’ll walk away from these four weeks totally equipped to find more ease and comfort in your body, while preventing injuries caused by repetitive motion – all by discovering the ideal alignment for YOUR body.

This series is perfect for yogis looking to deepen their knowledge of alignment and anatomy, as well as anyone interested in refining their alignment to alleviate pain.

Initially Held:  May 7th – 28th, 2017 @ Kindness Yoga, Broadway

Moving on And off the Mat

Moving On and Off the Mat is part dance class, part yoga asana. Jessica will lead you through a fun and challenging sequence that builds to create a three dimensional movement phrase that will then be flowed in the middle of the room – without a mat.
This workshop is ideal for intermediate to

advanced practitioners who have a sense of adventure, a good foundation in alignment, and are craving to move in a full and new way. Come prepared to have fun, laugh, and be challenged as you discover the multifaceted being you are, moving through space.

Initially Held: February 12, 2017 @ Kindness Yoga, Hilltop
Last offering: September 10, 2017 @ Kindness Yoga, Broadway